Automatic Pancake Machine


Hiring a
Pancake machine

Want something a little different at your next party or event? Our automatic pancake machine is simple to use and at the press of a button produces the perfect Pancake every time.

This machine is around the same size as a standard microwave. It is very compact in nature so it does not take up to much space and will plug into a standard power point.

No more measuring ingredients, having flour spread all over the kitchen and spending hours making and cooking pancakes. We set the machine to cook the perfect pancake for you. You can choose 3 different size pancakes and even if you want them cooked lighter or darker.

We program the machine during set up, all you need to do is press a button and 20-30 seconds later the perfect pancake is delivered to your plate.


Like all of our hire equipment, we can either drop the equipment to you and you serve your guests, or we can supply a staff member to make and serve the pancakes so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your event.

We can also supply additional topping, please enquire if you would like us to supply everything you need.

Pick up is available for this item (this item weighs 25kg and we recommend 2 people to lift)

Pricing &

The hire rate for our pancake machine is $130. That will supply you with 2 bags of pancake mix which will produce approx. 80 medium size pancakes (10cm).

For each additional serve of 40 pancakes it is an additional $20. As a guide we recommend catering for 1-2 serves per guest (2 per guest if this is the only dessert option supplied).

glass door with pancakes
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The Opportunities
are endless

The machine is capable of cooking 3 different sizes pancakes.

The small pancakes (5cm) are a perfect snack for the younger kids or make a Bellini style pancake ready to top and make the perfect hors d’oeuvres.

The medium pancake (10cm) is the perfect size to serve your guests. Put out a choice of toppings and watch them build a masterpiece.

If you want to create something a little different then the Large pancake (15cm) is the go. We also supply you with an easy to use folding and crimping tool. Simply place your cooked pancake in, add your favourite fillings and fold over and lightly sprinkle with icing sugar if desired. You can’t get much better than that.

Still a little stuck for ideas?

Please click on the link below, the machine manufacturer has come up with a few inspirational ways to serve your pancakes.Pancake Recipe Ideas

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Are you looking to buy a
pancake machine?

If you are looking for a more permanent solution, the pancake machine is perfect for anywhere you serve breakfast or dessert. It is also ideal for fundraising opportunities, schools, boarding facilities, aged care facilities, hotels, cafe’s, food or coffee vans etc. Pancakes are always a crowd favourite. They are also 97% fat free and a great alternative to other deep fried foods.

Slush-a-licious are now the SA distributor for Popcake Automatic Pancake machines and are now selling the machines, pancake mix and toppings. We would love to speak to you about all the different solutions we can provide for your business. We can bring a machine out to you, demonstrate how easy it is to use and of course feed you some of our delicious pancakes. We will also discuss the cost saving benefits and show you how to turn expenses into profits.

Please note: These are full commercial grade food service machines. We recommend purchasing only if you are in the food service industry, otherwise hiring might be the best option for you.