Fairy Floss Bags & Floss Machine Hire

Hiring a
Fairy Floss Machine

Bring back all those childhood memories and be the hit at your next party or event with one of our Fairy Floss machines, we have many flavours to choose and can guarantee everyone at your party will lining up to get some of our awesome floss.

We have quality commercial Fairy Floss machine and can also supply an authentic pink “cotton candy” cart that really sets the theme for a small additional price.

We often hear our customers say “this looks so good, do you know how many years it has been since we have had Fairy Floss” and the smile on their face as they walk away with a huge ball of Fairy Floss says it all.


Like all of our hire equipment, we can either drop the equipment to you and you serve your guests, or we can supply a staff member to make and serve the Fairy Floss so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your event.

Please note, it does take a few attempts to “master” the art of twirling the floss around the stick and the preferred hire option is to supply an operator to ensure a consistent product is delivered to every customer.

If we do not have a follow-on booking, we are more than happy to leave the machine with you for a couple of days which would give you time to practice if required. (Please enquire at time of booking)

We also make Fairy Floss bags which is another great idea for your next party, especially if you are ordering another one of our party machines as the delivery would be included.

Pricing &

The hire rate for our Fairy Floss machine is $130. That will supply you with all of the equipment to produce approx. 50 sticks of Fairy Floss, for each additional serve of 50 sticks it is an additional $30, as a guide we recommend catering for 1 serve per guest.

If you are unsure how many you will use please call or click request advice and we will be more than happy to discuss it in more detail.

PLEASE NOTE: Fairy Floss can be affected by weather conditions, if it is humid then the sugar starts to melt quicker and does not produce a quality product. If we believe the weather will affect the final product then we may not hire or serve at your event as it will either damage our machine or not produce fairy floss to a standard we expect.

We will never compromise the quality of our products.

Fairy Floss with
an Operator

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This is the preferred hire method, we provide an operator to serve your guests and our experienced staff can make the floss to suit your customers, if you want a large volume we can make the floss slightly smaller and our operator can produce more sticks per hour, or we can make them as big as possible to “WOW” your guests and have them walking away with the biggest smile on their faces.

If you are planning an event and will be selling the floss then our experienced team can produce a much larger quantity than an inexperienced person, which often negates the cost of the staff member.

For example we normally sell the large stick of Fairy Floss for $4.00 at most events and our staff can produce between 80 – 100 sticks per hour, the smaller sticks we sell for $3.00 and can make 100 – 120 per hour.

DIY Fairy

Fairy Floss Party Hire

We supply you with everything you need to make our delicious fairy floss. Because of the nature of fairy floss, it must be made just prior to serving, we will also supply you with the sticks to serve (American cone, that look much better than your standard wooden stick) and the flavoured sugar ready to spin.

We do recommend having a practice run if you are going to DIY as the twirling takes some getting used to, please keep this in mind to leave plenty of time from delivery to your party starting. If we have no other bookings either side of your hire date we can leave the machine with you or drop off days earlier to allow practice time. (Please enquire at time of booking as this service is subject to availability)

Fairy Floss
by the Bag

We do a small and large bag of fairy floss (approx. 35g or 60g bags) and we can also do small or large buckets on request, there is a minimum order of 10 bags/buckets however we can also do larger quantities for your next event.

  • 35g bags are $3 per bag (over 20 bags $2.50ea)
  • 60g bags are $4 per bag (over 20 bags $3.50ea)
  • Small buckets are $4 (over 20 $3.50ea)
  • Large bucket are $6 (over 20 are $5.00ea)