Popcorn and Machine Hire

Hiring a
Popcorn Machine

The best thing about walking into a movie theatre is smelling that delicious hot buttered popcorn cooking, now with our American Popcorn machine and cart you can bring that magical aroma to your next party or event. Best of all, it tastes the same and your guests will absolutely love it.

We have quality commercial Gold medal Popcorn machine and cart that can produce up to 70 – 80 regular serves per hour, you can cook as much as you like or cook as you need throughout your event.

Popcorn is a crowd favourite and will satisfy all of your party goer’s, from the youngest to the oldest, once they smell the delicious popcorn cooking they can never resist.


Like all of our hire equipment, we can either drop the equipment to you and you serve your guests, or we can supply a staff member to make and serve the popcorn so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your event.

Pick up is available for this item.

Pricing &

The hire rate for our popcorn machine is $130. That will supply you with all of the equipment to produce approx. 50 regular serves of Popcorn, for each additional serve of 50 serves it is an additional $30, as a guide we recommend catering for 1 serve per guest.

If you are unsure how many you will use, please call or click request advice and we will be more than happy to discuss in more detail.

The popcorn kettle/cooker does get extremely hot and must be operated by someone over the age of 18 at all times, we provide you with all of the equipment to operate it safely as well as a step by step cooking guide, once you have done it once, you will realize how easy and safe it is to operate.

Machine Hire

Popcorn Hire

We supply you with everything you need to make our delicious Popcorn.  

Fresher is better, it is always recommended that the popcorn is made just prior to serving, we will also supply you with the cups to serve it in (Available in regular, large and bucket size) if you want larger cups the servings amount will reduce accordingly.

We do recommend having a practice run if you are going to DIY, as the popping can take some getting used to, like when you do popcorn in the microwave, too little and you will have plenty of corn kernels left in the machine, too much and you can burn some of the corn.

Cook by sight and sound, as you will hear the corn slow down in popping. Once you get it right it becomes very easy to gauge.

Please keep this in mind and leave plenty of time from drop off to your party starting.

If we have no other bookings either side of your hire date we can leave the machine with you or drop off days earlier to allow practice time. (Please enquire at time of booking as this service is subject to availability)

Popcorn with
an Operator

Popcorn Hire

This is a preferred hire method, we provide you with an operator to serve your guests and our experienced staff can make the popcorn to suit, we can cook just enough to continually serve or bulk prepare to serve a large group all at once.

If you are planning an event and will be selling the Popcorn then our experienced team can produce a much larger quantity than an inexperienced person, which often negates the cost of the staff member.

For example, we normally sell the regular cups of Popcorn for $4.00 at most events and our staff can produce between 70 – 80 regular cups per hour.